YouTuber Takes You Outside the Walls of A Link Between Worlds

One of my favorite YouTube shows, Boundary Break, took us behind the camera of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

Boundary Break continues to be me one of my favorite shows on Youtube. If you are unaware, the show does exactly what the title entails and breaks the boundaries of your favorite games and takes the camera through walls, doors, and areas the player is not supposed to go. In their latest episode, we got to take a look at one of my favorite games of all time, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

One of the neatest and “cleverest” tricks I have seen a developer do is highlighted in this video. To compensate for the 3D world of A Link Between Worlds while also keeping the top down view 2D Zelda titles are known for, the entire game is essentially tilted. When the camera is taken down within the game, it looks like Link and all the NPC’s or enemies are running up or downhill. Very Cool!

There are some other tidbits that are pretty interesting such as the rolling boulders in the first dungeon of the game are actually a loop. When the camera is taken underneath the floor, you can see the boulders falling down the rolling back to where they came out from. To see a lot more interesting aspects, take a look at the full video below.

I cannot recommend this channel enough. Finding out what’s behind doors and walls or seeing little tricks developers throw into games is and always will be fascinating to me. Boundary Break even did a collab with Yacht Club and showed off that Shovel Knight is actually built in a 3D engine.

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