World of Final Fantasy Maxima Details Zack, Serah, Cecil, New Gameplay and Live Stream Revealed

Today, Square Enix published new details on World of Final Fantasy Maxima, the enhanced port of World of Final Fantasy for Xbox One and Switch.

First of all, a live stream will be held for the game on November 5th, titled “World of Final Fantasy Maxima Special Pre-Release Stream, let’s go in the Grimoire!“. It’ll feature World of Final Fantasy Maxima director Hiroki Chiba.

Then we have some new character details. The first detailed character is Zack from Final Fantasy VII, voiced by Kenichi Suzumura. He’s been brought back from the dead and has a memory disorder that can make him go berserk, but if not for that he’s the usual Zack.

Next is Serah from Final Fantasy XIII-2, voiced by Minako Kotobuki. She’s Snow fiancee, but seems she might actually fall in love with Zack instead, who she just met. She literally fell from the sky along with Shiva Ixion on Zack.

Then we have Cecil from Final Fantasy IV, voiced by Shizuma Hodoshima. He’s looking for the omnipotent flower, the “Moonlit Beauty” in order to cure Rosa of a disease. He ends up reaching Figaro Castle and meeting Edgar from Final Fantasy VI, who tells him the location of the flower, but it’s guarded by Final Fantasy summon Yojimbo, who is one of the new Mirages in Maxima.

Yojimbo is an L-sized mirage with the “Zanmatou Iai Giri” skill that deals physical damage to all enemies and may instantly kill them, and with very high topple strength.

We also have Gamitt, an M-sized Mirage and its “Kozuka” skill that randomly deals physical damage 3 times and with high topple strength.

Then there’s Daigorou, an S-sized Mirage with the skill “bite” that deals physical damage to one enemy and with mid topple strength.

After that we have Lich, an L-sized Mirage with the skill “death cutter”, that deals physical damage to one enemy and may inflict “Doom”, and has a mid topple strength.

There’s Wolf Devil, An M-sized Mirage with the “Curse” skill that inflicts status ailments and reduces stats.

Last, there’s Ponynii, an S-sized Mirage with the “kick” skill that deals physical damage to one enemy and with mid topple strength.

You can check pictures for Zack, Serah, Cecil and the new Mirages below. Famitsu also released new battle gameplay, and 4Gamer released a video of the fishing mini-game. You can watch it all below.

You can read about other new Mirages in the game and the boss battle with Enna Kros here. You can read our review of the original game here.

World of Final Fantasy Maxima releases on Switch and Xbox One on November 6th. If you’d like to get the game for Xbox One, you could do so on Amazon.

The additional content from Maxima will be added to the PC and PS4 versions of the game as DLC, but not on the Vita version sadly.

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