Super Smash Bros Ultimate Has Outsold Smash 3DS at Retail in Japan

Super Smash Bros Ultimate only took five weeks to outsell Smash for 3DS at retail in Japan despite it being released over four years ago.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate took off at launch and rightfully so. I believe it is the best entry into the series and an absolute system seller. Well, the game has sold so well, that it only took about five weeks to outsell Smash 3DS in Japan at retail.

According to Game Data Library, the newest entry in the franchise has overtaken the 3DS version at retail in Japan. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has sold about 2,628,087 units at retail after releasing on December 7, 2018, while Smash 3DS has sold about 2,558,302 units at retail after releasing on September 13, 2014.

This means it only too Ultimate about five weeks to outsell Smash 3DS even though that game has been released for over four years on a system that has far and away more systems out in the wild.

Again, this calculation only counting retail sales and does not include digital sales. It was suggested in the tweet from Game Data Library that the digital sales are most likely higher too, however, there was no data shown for digital sales.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is currently available for the Nintendo Switch. If you have still not picked up the greatest entry into the series and one of my favorite games of last year, you can do so right here through Amazon.

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