PUBG Corps Drops Its Lawsuit Against Epic Games and Fortnite

As the two top-reigning competitors in the currently hot market of Battle Royale games, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds developer PUBG Corps brought things to a heat against Fortnite developer Epic Games by putting forth a lawsuit against the company for copyright infringement earlier this year, though the conclusion of that case seems to have fizzled out.

According to a report from Bloomberg, PUBG Corps has officially withdrawn its legal case against Epic Games, with an official letter from the studio’s legal representatives being addressed to Epic Game’s attorneys. No specific reason has been provided, at this time, of why PUBG Corps withdrew its pursuit of further legal action against Epic, and no details of whether or not a settlement was made between the two companies was provided either. No comment was provided by Epic Games either, according to Bloomberg.

The case itself originated earlier this year when PUBG Corps expressed its desire to pursue legal action against Epic Games, due to the numerous similarities that Fortnite and its “Battle Royale” mode shared with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which released on Steam Early Access early last year. However, numerous complications have been brought up in the heated legal disputes between the two companies, especially in the case that PUBG is built using Epic’s Unreal Engine.

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