Project Runway Hosted a Fun Video Game Design Episode

This episode of Project Runway challenged its designers to channel their inner gamer to create some fun video game fashion.

Project Runway is a reality-based competition that focuses on design. Designers compete against one another to win the ultimate grand prize. Typically the grand prize is cash, a spread in a magazine, products, and a collaboration with a big brand. The show is now on its 17th season and decided to get a little creative this week with its 6th episode by having its designers channel their inner gamer.

Mitu Khandakar, Nina Freeman and Robin Hunicke guest starred on the episode. All three women are game designers and understand the work that goes into designing a game. These amazing women gave their creative input while designers created their best video game characters.

Each designer created inspired looks from some of the video games they grew up playing, from The Sims to Mortal Kombat. One designer, Rakan Shams Aldeen, mentioned he’s still a gamer to this day. Hester Sunshine created a design that resembled an RPG character, and Garo Sparo created a Bayonetta character.

Project Runway Hosted a Fun Video Game Design Episode


While video games might not be in New York Fashion Week, this episode showed diversity with different people who’ve either played video games as a kid, didn’t play video games at all, or played heavily. Despite all of the cool designs, none of the designers were inspired by Final Fantasy, to my disappointment. I was hoping to see an Lulu-inspired design, belts and all. Who knows, there’s always next season!

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