Oninaki Will be Launching West This August Simultaneously With Japan

Tokyo RPG Factory’s newest JRPG will launch west the same day as in Japan.

Square Enix revealed the release date for Oninaki during its E3 2019 conference. Oninaki launches on August 22 on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. This is the same release date as in Japan, which was revealed a few weeks ago.

Following I Am Setsuna and Lost Sphear, Oninaki is the latest game developed by Square Enix’s internal studio Tokyo RPG Factory. It’s also the studio’s first action RPG. The game also has Chrono Trigger‘s Director Takashi Tokita as Creative Director. The protagonist Kagachi can use multiple weapons, each customizable with their own skill tree, allowing different playstyles and combos.

Oninaki‘s story and characters were detailed in a previous story you can catch, but basically, it’s a game with reincarnation and the other world as its themes.

I was personally not convinced with Tokyo RPG Factory’s previous works, so I’m waiting to see if Oninaki will be the action JRPG it’s promising to be or not.

You can find Oninaki‘s E3 2019’s trailer below, which introduces its story and shows different battle situations.

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