Marvel Games Says Something “Fantastic” is Coming to Marvel’s Spider-Man and I Really Hope It’s Bag Man

Marvel Games is teasing that content related to the Fantastic Four will soon be coming to Marvel’s Spider-Man.

So it turns out that tease from Marvel Games involving the number 4 was related to the Fantastic Four after all and it looks like it’ll soon tie into Insomniac Games’ PS4 exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man.

At the tail end of today’s livestream detailing new Fantastic Four content that would soon be coming to a multitude of different Marvel games, it was teased that something “fantastic” would also soon be arriving in Marvel’s Spider-Man. While more specifics weren’t given at the moment, it looks like Fantastic Four will soon be crossing over with Spidey in some way and, in my opinion, there are likely only a few valid options.

For starters, this could finally see the arrival of the Bombastic Bag-Man costume from the issues of The Amazing Spider-Man finally appearing in Marvel’s Spider-Man. This suit sees Spidey donning a spare Fantastic Four outfit and a paper bag over his face and has previously been seen in other Spider-Man games. It’s also one of the suits I was desperately hoping would appear in the game.

The other costume option could be the Future Foundation outfit. This is a suit that also has ties to the Fantastic Four. To me, these are the only two options when it comes to cosmetic items that could be added to Marvel’s Spider-Man. Then again, the addition could be something else such as the inclusion of the Baxter Building now appearing in the game’s version of New York City.

So what do you think this “fantastic” content will turn out to be? Is it likely just going to be a new suit like I suggested or could it be something even bigger? Let me know in the comments below.

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