Horizon Zero Dawn Inspired Sculptor so Much They Created a Wonderful Masterpiece

In my opinion, Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the best PlayStation 4 titles of recent times. It’s storyline, the narrative, and the immersive adventuring had me personally captivated and inspired by Alloy’s strength and background for a very long time, but it seems like I’m not the only one that felt this way.

A post has cropped up over on my favorite go-to place for all things weird and/or interesting, and that’s Reddit. Going by the username of u/Rey1000, we are shown how much someone’s love for a video game can go in influencing their art. According to the post, this was Rey1000 first attempt in sculpture class where they created a clay model of Alloy and a Watcher, which both combined, took 12 weeks to complete. Now that’s what you call dedication in class.

Rey1000 expressed how Horizon Zero dawn inspired them and how the title made them feel:

Hi guys, This is my first sculpture I worked on in Gnomon School of VFX and Games. First time sculpting. The last clay sculpture was an ear. I was lucky to have a great teacher. The medium is medium NSP clay so it was a big challenge to sculpt hard surface. I took inspiration from a bunch of concept armor and put my own spin onto it. I love HZD. The game made me feel like a kid again with exploring and fighting big mecha dino in a foreign wasteland. I cant’ wait for the sequel coming. Thanks, guys.

Many of the 356 comments were all very supportive of their work, if not surprised it was the posters first time sculpting:






It’s very easy to see how and why Horizon Zero Dawn is so successful and due to this success, Guerilla Games is in the process of moving to a new 5-floor office and also looking to bring in more employees. If this doesn’t scream a sequel I don’t know what does. I say bring it on!

You can check out Reddit user Rey1000 pictures of their masterpiece below:


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