Free Update to The Persistence Introduces New Game Modes and Accessibility Features

A free update will be coming to The Persistence on October 18 for PlayStation VR owners. This free update to The Persistence will include four brand-new game modes, new accessibility features, and sharper visuals.

Currently The Persistence has two modes, a Campaign and a Survival Mode that simply limits your respawn in the Campaign to 10. These new modes will bring much more variety to the procedurally generated horror title.

  • Glass Cannon: This survival mode gives you unlimited ammo for your choice of gun at the outset but only one hit point. With those restrictions, you must survive through 24 increasingly difficult rooms to make it to the escape pod at the end. This mode premiered at EGX and was a very popular choice to play.
  • Campaign+: Essentially a New Game Plus mode, this will allow you to play the Campaign again with your weapons and upgrades from the previous run, now with an ultra hardcore difficulty mode. SuperSense no longer spots enemies behind cover and a Bloodhound follows you throughout the game. New character upgrades and Platinum Gear have been added to help you survive.
  • First Blood: Much like the Glass Cannon, you must make your way through to an escape pod, this time you are only armed with a Peacekeeper knife and must stealth your way to the end.
  • Permadeath: You only get one life in the Campaign with this mode, but have instant travel between decks and to Recovery so you can upgrade and buy Gear quickly.

In this free update to The Persistence developers at Firesprite not only wanted to make the game easier to play for all skill levels but for those who may have disabilities as well.

Assist Mode can be turned on at any point in the Pause Menu and allows you to fine tune many aspects of the game.

  • Game speed. Slows down the game speed to assist players with less ability to react quickly.
  • Damage. Reduce the damage taken to help survive longer.
  • Infinite teleport. Get around more quickly with less reliance on the Sticks.
  • Infinite ammo. Ideal for players with less ability to aim with their head.
  • All enemies ‘tagged’. See enemies through walls at all times, to reduce the need for quick reactions.
  • Auto shield. Automatically deploy the shield reducing the need for fast twitch reactions.

Lastly, for the hearing impaired there will be a feature that has on-screen indicators to show where key audio is occurring.

You can watch a trailer and view some images showcasing the accessibility features below, as well as pick up The Persistence for $29.99 for the PlayStation VR.

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