Brutal Legend is Now Backward Compatible on Xbox One and You Need to Play It

If you know my gaming tastes whatsoever, you’re probably aware that Double Fine is one of my favorite developers in the industry. While I love practically every game they’ve ever put out, Brutal Legend still stands as my favorite of the bunch.

Well, thanks to the fine folks at Xbox, I can now more easily revisit one of my favorite games on current-generation hardware. Yes, it was announced recently that Brutal Legend is now officially playable on Xbox One and has joined the ever-growing backward compatible list.

Look, I know we’re in a busy season and there’s a lot of cool games coming out soon but I cannot recommend enough that you give this game a shot if you haven’t before — especially if you love heavy metal. The amount of love that exudes out of every corner of Brutal Legend is staggering and I still think about its world all of the time. Plus, you can use an electric guitar to kill demons and that’s pretty cool.

If you still have your physical copy of the game like I do–mine is even signed by Tim Schafer–then you can throw it into your Xbox One right now to start playing. Otherwise, you can download it digitally off of the Xbox Marketplace for only $14.99.

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