A Portal Fan Had the Best Idea for Their Christmas Tree This Year

With Christmas right around the corner, a Portal fan took the initiative to add something a little different to their holiday festivities this year

Portal by Valve was arguably one of the most innovative games of its time in 2007, with players still today crying out for a Portal 3. Although none of the original three writers still work at Valve anymore, so it’s quite unlikely to happen and it probably wouldn’t be the same anyway, but fans of the series can create their very own Portal Christmas tree from the luxury of their own home.

Reddit user etymologynerd did just that as an alternative to the usual and boring Christmas trees you see littered around everyone’s home at this time of year. From the pictures, you can see how they have mastered the unique Portal illusion by placing one half of the tree on the ceiling and the other on the floor, accompanied by a circle of red and blue Christmas lights at the base, obviously highlighting the “portal” itself.

Portal themed Christmas tree from r/gaming

Although, I find myself asking one question: How in the hell do you get in and out of the door? It looks like the door opens inwards? I wasn’t the only one to have some concerns about this –





Even though it has been a long time since Portal‘s launch, nostalgic fans of the series can still get their  fix in Bridge Constructor Portal, as DualShockers’ own Tanner Pierce reviewed the title with a fair amount of praise and saying that the infusion was “worthy of the Portal name in every way.”

I think it’s wonderful that gamers especially are adding some of their creative talents from their favorite games into the holiday season, this is something we have continued to see grow every year. Have you set your creative juices following this year yet? If so, let us see them in the comments below or tweet them to us over on our Twitter page.

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